The genus Neolloydia was first described by Britton and Rose in “The Cactaceae” and included 7 species, but six of these were later moved into the similar genus Turbinicarups. A second species was also added later by Backeberg. Today, two species are generally accepted (Neolloydia conoidea and Neolloydia matehualensis) and are found in Texas and in Mexico. Neolloydia are short cylindrical, tuberculate, spiny plants which resemble the genus Coryphantha in appearance. Flowers are formed near the apex, but not directly at the apex. The primary distinction of Neolloydia is the scaly pericarpel (part of the floral tube) – similar to that of Thelocactus – however, the tubercles of Neolloydia are grooved and the flowers do not come from the spine areoles. Flowers are reddish-purple in colour.

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