This genus has been lumped into Stenocereus and takes its name from the shape of the large and central knife-like spine (“machaíra” in Greek). The best known species (Machaerocereus eruca) is also known as the creeping devil, as it is a prostrate cactus. Endemic to Baja California, it forms massive “travelling” colonies and is considered the “most extreme case of clonal propagation in the cactus family”, as new stems take root and travel, leaving behind the older parts that die. This traveling chain of growth gives rise to the name eruca, which means “caterpillar”, and, due to isolation and scarcity of pollinating creatures, the plant is able to clone itself. Machaerocereus gummosus, on the other hand, grows more slowly, forming shrubs with arching branches. The natives used to crush and throw its pulp into lakes and streams to poison fish with its toxic sap. Easy to grow; as for Machaerocereus eruca, provide larger pots.



FN: Magdalena BC
Size: Cm 6 - h 20

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